Time-Saving Temporary Recruitment Services

Address staffing shortages without having to sign a long-term commitment with help from Doral Corporate Solutions. Our company offers temporary recruitment services throughout Miami, Florida, and nearby areas. Some of the businesses we serve include:

  • Import and Exporting Companies
  • Warehouse Personnel
  • Floral Wholesale and Design Companies
  • Wholesale Food and Beverage Companies
  • Manufacturing and Assembly Companies
  • Special Events
  • Hotel Industry
  • Office/Clerical Staffing

Prompt Assistance

In as fast as two hours, we can send a worker to your company. Here are some of the situations when you might need our assistance:

  • When an Employee Calls In Sick
  • If There Is an Increase of Work
  • When an Employee Is on a Maternity Leave
  • If You Need Maintenance Personnel to Clean Twice a Week

Leave Everything to Us

Count on us to make sure that the employees you hire are qualified. If needed, we conduct background checks and drug tests. Our company takes care of workers' compensation insurance as well.